Will the VIPRGuardTM Face Mask protect me from contracting COVID-19?

We do NOT guarantee that the mask will protect you from contracting the COVID-19 Virus.  However, it will provide a physical barrier to airborne fluids and particulate matter and the Pro model adds protection against breathing in airborne micro-organisms, a source of disease including the COVID-19 Virus. 

Is there special preparation that I should do before I wear my mask for the first time?

VIPRGuard Face Masks are sewn in a non-sterile environment, we recommend washing our masks before your first use. 

It is recommended you heat your new mask to 140 degrees Fahrenheit by throwing it in your clothes dryer and running it on a high temperature for 15 minutes.

What's the difference between the Basic Model and the Pro?

The basic model is made of cotton fabric which prevents airborne particulates from getting into you nose and mouth. The Pro model adds a layer of silver infused antimicrobial fabric that inhibits the growth of bacteria—an added layer of protection.

Can I wear this mask all day every day?

The mask is designed to be comfortable, durable and washable so you can wear the mask all day, every day. We recommend having two masks so you can have one to wear while the other one is in the wash.

How often should I clean the mask after I've been wearing it?

We recommend you wash your mask every day. We recommend having two masks so you can have one to wear while the other is in the wash. 

What is the best way to keep the mask sanitary and germ free?

Never store your mask when its wet or damp. At the end of the day, take your mask off and put it where it can be exposed to fresh air. You may want to store it in a brown paper bag which protects the mask and allows it to dry out. Never store it in a plastic bag.

How often should I replace my mask?

Your VIPRGuardTM face mask is made of durable cotton and other materials and should hold its shape and function as intended for as long as six months. Some people prefer to replace it every three months.